IT & Corporates

In the present scenario, work force is stressed and  run out of charge in most organizations. If you feel that some of your key personnel fall under this group, please read on to understand our role in your progress.

Routine Pre-Employment and General Health Check-up are mostly  'General' in nature.
Youngsters and middle-aged, the common work force, usually don't face problems you try to find in general health check-ups.
Typically they're likely to suffer from disorders like sleeplessness, infertility, mood-swings, lack of focus, debility etc hampering their share of  joy.
Such fellows loose  zeal for work but don't link their problem to their fitness. Their performance takes a nose-dive pushing them further into  stress cycles.
Yoga, meditation or any such other productive activities certainly improve one's health but they alone may not crack the problem.
They need to be checked for  missing links, if any, in their metabolic functions. If traced, one can hope for total relief.

Among others, our  'Cheer Up Package' (Link) could be of great help in investigating into real issues for such burnt out fellows. We can even make efforts in fixing problems via detailed medical discussions.