Clinical Research

We know an ordinary lab cannot match your expectations. Try us once and you'll never have to go lab hunting again.

Our brief introduction:

  • 1) We're  NABL Accredited for QA; please (click here) to visit our 'Quality Assurance' for details.
  • 2) We're purely  a lab and can deliver better services in the absence of other modalities of diagnosis.
  • 3) We can network logistics for sample pick-up from anywhere across the globe.
  • 4) We have already supported over a 435 research projects so far thru clinical trials, thesis studies and Drug trials of phase I to IV.
  • 5) Some of the projects supported by us are:
  • Insulin & C-Peptide correlation in diabetics.
  • FSH & Estradiol levels in patients with uterine cancer.
  • Magnesium Levels in patients undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Total IgE levels in pediatric cases.
  • Salivary Cortisol Levels in diabetics undergoing yoga therapy.
  • DHEA-s & Testosterone levels; a drug trial.
  • Study on lipid reducing effect of a new drug; estimation of lipid markers inclusive of Lp(a) & Appolipo Proteins.
  • Drug Trial; effect of anti-allergy drugs on routine parameters like lipids, liver function & blood counts.
  • Insulin & Thyroid Function Test; a drug trial.
  • A wide range of routine parameters in many projects.

Please  contact us for more details.