Cheer Up !!!

This package helps in finding if stress has started affecting your metabolic health in your case. In case you're able to fix missing links, if any, you have all the reasons to cheer-up again..

Test parameters:
Blood Glucose - Hemoglobin - TSH - Cortisol - DHEA-S

PLUS:   Males: Testosterone , Females: FSH, LH

Package Price – Rs 1500.00

Why Cheer up package?

  • There are certain hormones playing vital role in physical and mental well being of a person.
  • These hormones function in a particular biological rhythm.
  • Stress directly affects the production, secretion & utilization of these hormones.
  • In turn, biological rhythm is affected.
  • Hormones playing vital role in day-to-day activities affected by stress are

Test information:

Cortisol: Sleep, BP, Glucose metabolism
TSH: Controls secretion of two other thyroid hormones (t3 & t4) which play vital role in entire metabolic activity and emotions.
LH: Helps in Ovulation in females and spermato genesis (production of proper quantum and types of sperms) in males
Also in control of secretion of other sex hormones like testo, prog, E2 etc.
DHEAS: Is a precursor for production of hormones - Testosterone, Progesterone & E2. One may show up characters / chrematistics of opposite sex with imbalance of this hormone. For ex: hair growth, muscle development, agrees ion in females OR breast / flabbiness / soft voice, feminine behavior, sensitivity in males

Testosterone: at Physical level - Male maturity, Libido, Sexual desire, Fertility, sperm count etc
at Emotional level - Confidence, Aggression, Courage etc

FSH: Ovulation (menstrual cycle), production of sex hormones in females