Customer Service - General Citizens

If you agree that fitness is the key to happiness. What's your type ??? Click on the group you belong to for detailed information

Totally fit group:

Congrats! You're Lion King!!! But make sure your fitness isn't just skin-deep. Please use our "general health screening" packages to confirm fitness levels and continue being fit.

You say you're confirmed for an illness. We can serve your test requirements whatever it is. We specialize in advanced lab tests related to nagging diseases & disorders such as :

  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid disorder
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Infertility
  • Infections
  • Cancer

And many more……………..

Please contact us for any lab test services. We offer tests that are rare and a lot more informative about your state of health. The lab in your neighbour-hood may accept your sample for analysis but may be sending out for majority of investigations; verify their quality assurance program. Please go to "test menu" – for more information or contact us for services.

The 'in-between' type:

You don't seem to suffer from any specific problem yet don't feel fighting fit. Probably you can't figure out what exactly is wrong. Fellows falling in this group are mostly young or middle aged people in the helm of affairs; could be executives, professionals or even a busy house-wife! If you don't feel ENERGETIC ENOUGH but think you can perform a lot better if you are just "refreshed", YOU MAY BE RIGHT! You'll not be happy if you're UNABLE TO ENJOY routine aspects of life such as:

  • Good Mood
  • Simple Sex
  • Sizable Food
  • Sound Sleep
  • Some Sports
  • Just Perform

A general check-up report may say it's all normal coz, general check-up is just 'GENERAL' in nature. It's more of a preventive measure than a remedial tool. It may not throw light on subtle health problems. Caution – CHECK YOUR


Yoga or stress management may help. But, Metabolic chain / Biological clock / circadian rhythm, whatever u call it, if disturbed once, u get caught in a maze. To break free, one may need medical help along with life style corrections.

For extensive 'discussion' on choice of investigations, please visit our 'help counter' (click here) or call us up for more information.