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We're different ! Becoz….

Until we started, lots of lab investigations were being outsourced to Mumbai causing communication gap or delay in service. We introduced manyuncommon investigations not available in your neighborhood lab pertaining to hormones, cancer screening, metabolism and so on. Simply said, we'rethe first Bangalore based speciality lab. In Bangalore, we set the trend of DAILY reporting on advanced blood tests like thyroid function, infertility, cancer, meta bolic disorders and immunology.Our services are useful in diagnosing deep-set disorders related to child growth, debility, sleep, sex, weight, mood swings, stress etc. As a mid-size set-up, with all our focus only on lab services, you can expect best of care from us. As a customer of Central Lab, you'll be treated like a king! By virtue of our specialized services, we're relevant to all sections of society including general citizens, medical institutions, corporates and research organizations. Our extensive Quality Assurance Program ensures services that match global standards. Please spare some time and glance thru relevant pages for more information.

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